Saturday, February 7, 2009

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Church History of (Fairmount)University Street Christian Church
in Eugene, Oregon:

Originally called East Eugene, the Fairmount / University Street Church of Christ in Eugene was established as a result of efforts by Mrs. Sadie Haggard of First Christian Church, with assistance of Eugene Bible University students, and organized May 2, 1909, with 27 people desiring to be members. This was the second congregation of the Churches of Christ and Christian Churches in Eugene.

The Fairmount Christian Church began meeting above Dempster's Store for teaching and preaching. A building was begun in 1909 on the lot purchased at 17th and Columbia, and was dedicated in April 1910. The young preacher, James M. Morris, donated his time in the early months. Mabel Haggard was the first to be baptized in the new baptistry after students had spent the afternoon dipping water from a ditch along 17th Avenue to fill it.

By 1920 there were 74 names on the church roll; 126 active members were listed in May of 1928. The first missionary, Melba Palmer, went to Tibet in 1937. Minister Walter Naff started a building fund, and construction of a new educational unit was begun in 1947 behind the Fairmount building.

During W. W. White's ministry, 1949 attendance averaged nearly 300, and Sunday School over 200 in 16 classes. The last service at Fairmount was conducted by minister Leo Woodruff on July 25, 1954. The property had been sold to the University of Oregon.

University Street Church of Christ was the name chosen as the congregation moved into a new building at 29th and University.

The congregation closed it doors in 1996 after a long and eventful history.

Alicia Nott, church historian, has supplied much of the information about the Fairmount / University Street Church of Christ.

Misc. USCC Pictures:

Scott D.'s Baptism at the Gibbens:

Scott D. and Steve B.


Nigel and ?


Glenda and Jason

Heidi and Nathanel

Britney L.

Dan's Tennessee Photo

Dan L.

Dan L. and Kathy

Michael S., Anthony and Britney L.

Heidi and Britney

Anthony and Britney L.

Never mind.

Randy P.
Staff meeting field trip - Dick B. and Kathy


Kari, Alyssa, Kristin

Nigel, Scott, Jeremy B.

Scott D., Mark and Jill S.

Gwen and Mindy

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mailing Something:

Glenda and Len

Gwen, Glenda, Len and Mindy
(Mindy was in a wheelchair for a little while after having a golf cart accident that broke her hip. She was back to normal in no time.)

Glenda, Scott I., Scott G., Mindy and Gwen

The Scott's: Mr. G. and Mr. I.
(Mr. I., you look so young!)

Len and Chrissy